Lights, camera, action.. Africa has waited, the stage is set, all actors are ready now it’s time for us the fans to deliver. Time to deliver in the best way we can.

When I was a young boy, maybe about 9 my mother (it’s always the mothers) tried to talk me into coming back home, reluctantly at the beginning of a school term holiday I made the trip to Rwanda with the sole purpose of trying to fall in love with the country of my parents birth. It didn’t occur to me that one day I would proudly call this my home, I was supposed to spend the next month trying to understand my culture, meeting relatives and possibly look into school options, the stay didn’t go past two weeks. Why? For in that moment the myopic nine year old couldn’t ever imagine living in a country with one mall, no bowling alley or cinema.

Fast forward 2016, i’m almost 23 and I still don’t think my 23 year old self would have stayed in Rwanda 14 years ago, in fact I would have laughed at anyone that would have thought this tiny, resource less African country would host a tournament of CHAN’s magnitude within that timeline, if you dared try to sell me that thought, i wouldn’t be far from calling you a mad man.

But oh boy I could never have been more wrong and happily wrong. I’ve been home for now three years and I’m still wondering how this miracle was put together, don’t get me wrong it’s all not perfect but then where is perfect? Who knew that the African Nations Championship football tournament (CHAN) would be held in this resource less country called Rwanda?

So many a time on my weekly radio show, tv appearances, newspaper columns or this blog you will see me complain about this, about that but today is not the time. For today i’ll look for my blue,green and yellow and will join the millions of Rwandans cheering on our national football team, the Amavubi.

But better I will celebrate my country, for it’s only 21 years since the worst human atrocity occurred here and I don’t think anyone would have prophesied us hosting the second biggest tournament on the continent in such a time -span,Africa welcome to Rwanda.