With most of the sports focus being on the country’s preparations for the African Nations Championship (CHAN) it would be easy to forget the existence of other sports disciplines (don’t we always??) taking place in the country. Well, at least not me anyway.

As an ardent sports junkie, I found myself at Petit Stade last evening for a game of basketball dubbed the Friday Nights basketball that seemed to be making rounds on social media all day. For the record i’m a basketball fan not a groupie.

Anyway Patriots basketball club is one organisation that has had me thinking for a while as a great story to tell if not to learn from for our sports administrators.

Over the past few years, we have seen a decline in the functioning ability of what is usually termed as our traditional sports (football, basketball, volleyball). As It’s evident that they lack leadership and long term plans.

I come from a school of thought that tends to believe that for one to garner any success in any sector a combination of passion, love and professionalism should be in the mix. Don’t get me wrong, our sports authorities seem or by the look of things have the first two but it is the latter that they lack and oh boy don’t we know that it is the most important.

Games like football, basketball and volleyball are run on a blue print that seems not ready for the success they should garner. The authorities don’t only look like they shy away from long term plans but tend to be surprised by any form of success, if it ever comes. And with that, tend not to know how to handle the newly acquired fame.
We seem to forget some of the basics of life when in power and for any one to be successful over the long haul it’s usually down to great preparation, such is the reason why the greatest of all different jacks of trade tend to remain at the top for a long time. It’s not rocket science, such individuals and institutions usually have a defined blueprint on their way up thus making it easier for them to deal with the new found level of success when garnered, Preparation.

Preparation is the one thing that has seen Patriots basketball club get the favourites mantor in their second season.

In just their debut season, Patriots finished as runner ups in last year’s basketball championship a move some argue might be down to a well drilled team but don’t get it mixed up this is a well managed club run by a group of friends that seem to have a cut out plan for it’s long term success. Long term plans are results of preparation.

As I sit here I can only wish our basketball administration or better sports authorities would pick a leaf but your guess is as good as mine.

So for now just like the Patriots fans, I will sing, “i’m in love with the Patriots.”