Growing up as a child in the African society siblings fighting was always part of the norm, being the boy of two siblings I always provoked my sister into fights of which there was always one winner, me but the physical victory never stopped at that I would always go ahead and be the first to report the case to the parents after I figured out that when you report first you tend to play the victim card thus skipping possible punishment.

Well, that seems to be the case of the disgruntled Rwandan cyclists who got into a fight with their leaders (my sister in this case) and having run to the parents (public) first they have positioned themselves to play the victim card.

Going by the tone of events more so from the federation, whose leaders have termed these riders as, “kids,” we are meant to have one final ending to this situation.

The federation leaders are going to be cleared of any wrong doing at least in the public eye as there continued arrogance and ego can’t let them take the fall back step of humbly walking back with a tail swinging between their legs.
The riders will eventually cycle for team Rwanda at the Tour of Rwanda (at least some of them).


The riders demands are going to be met but in private with the leaders continuously making them look like the villains in this situation, a win for the riders but this is set to be short lived.

The winner here will be the administration who will give the public the, “I told you so eye,” and after all is said and done it will feel like a sense of deja vu for the athletes as no proper systems will be put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again in the near future.

And surely it won’t happen with the federation handing out punishments to the alleged master minds thus creating a new sense of fear and invisibility to the riders.

The leaders will be looked at as gods, the kind whose iron hand can stump away any kind of uprising and killing the voice of these riders.
And after all is said and done, a new breed of riders will be groomed only this time with a lesser chance of ever standing up for what is right for them.